What is the difference between Yoga and Tantra?

Tantra and Yoga may seem similar but they are actually quite different, and that difference is mainly in their purpose and practice. Yoga is a spiritual practice, designed to enhance one’s connection with the divine, while Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that focuses on rituals, mantras, and meditation for personal transformation, heightened power, and spiritual enlightenment.

Yoga focuses on the eight aspects of yoga, which are yama (ethical conduct), niyama (self-discipline), asana (physical practice), pranayama (breathwork), pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), dharana (meditation concentration), dhyana (deep meditation), and samadhi (spiritual connection). Through these, yoga students are able to align their minds, bodies and spirits, to experience enhanced calm, balance, and health.

Tantra, on the other hand, seeks to reach a higher level of power and enlightenment through different practices. This can include rituals, offerings to gods or goddesses, mantras, pranayama and mudras, special worship places and focused meditation. Tantra also includes taking part in rituals; performing mantras; having spiritual ceremonies; invoking gods and goddesses and their energy through meditation and visualization; and yogic joint movements.

In conclusion, both Tantra and Yoga are spiritual practices that aim to cultivate a deeper understanding and connection with the divine. While Tantra focuses on inner transformation through symbolic rituals and practices, Yoga works with the eight limbs of yoga to develop spiritual understanding and connection. Both practices offer a path towards enlightenment and self-discovery, and both can be powerful tools for personal growth and transformation. Ultimately, the choice between Tantra and Yoga may come down to personal preference and which practice resonates more with an individual's personal beliefs and goals.


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